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Web Development 

As a Financial Service Provider you need a website that is compliant with new and existing legislative requirements.
The Insure Tech team comprises ex-insurance professionals with design and technical skills. We understand the industry and know exactly what is required to develop a fit for purpose website.

A Comprehensive Aproach

Our website designs are customised to match, and if possible, exceed your expectations.
Through the use of HTML5 your website will have instant visual appeal which is easy to navigate and optimised for search engines.

We implement all the best SEO practices, such as SEO content writing and link building. When we have accumulated enough data, we refine our approach to enhance your website’s performance. This ensures that you always have superior online rankings on search engines.







Shape Your Future

Optimise your returns by including any of the following next generation solutions.

Comparative Quoting 

Also known as multi quote, your potential clients can generate up to five personal or commercial quotes and apply for the cover via your website.

Quick Quote 

Provides a personal lines quote in  sixty seconds, providing your potential clients with three  estimates. Generate sales prospects via your website.

Policy Recordkeeping 

Conventional filling cabinets and hard copies are completely replaced. As a broker you can manage your personal and commercial policies online.

Client Self Service 

Your clients are able to log in via your website and request changes to their policy via their own online digital copy of their policy.

CRM Solutions 

Manage your interactions with current and potential customers.
Data is compiled from a range of different online channels.

Compliance Solutions

Online compliance solutions for everything from automating your complaints resolutions process to your supervision process.

e-Learning Solutions 

Our e-Learning solutions comprises SCORM compliant learner content, CPD aligned LMS either sourced or developed.

Claims Management Solutions

Our Online Claims Solution enables Financial Services Providers to process and evaluate insurance claims online.

AI and Chatbots

Our Chatbot understands the basic fundamentals of insurance and can be used for customer support, online training, entertainment, and many other purposes.

Bespoke Web Applications

Website or web application, database app or web portal, content management system, intranet system or cloud based solution.

- SaaS Insurance Software as a Service 

We aldo provide SaaS Insurance Software as a Service,  or sourced policy administration systems depending on your requirements.

- Next Generation Insurance Technology 

We focus on various insurance technologies from blochchain  to insurance automation, P2P Insurance platforms, Cloud solutions and many others.

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